The Sooner Racing Team’s 2011 entry, affectionately known as Allison, is the blank-slate realization of a vehicle concept unique to Formula SAE. The result is a design which attempts to maximize the increase in tire normal loads afforded by aerodynamic devices and minimize the inertial properties which must be translationally and rotationally accelerated by the force and moment outputs of the tires. Tire management during the endurance event is provided by onboard real-time control of servo-actuated aerodynamic elements. Critical vehicle performance parameters are selected using an analytical, simulation-based approach with an emphasis on physical validation


Brakes: Outboard disc brakes, Dual piston calipers
Bscd : 80mm / 55mm / 2 cylinders / 553cc
Cooling : Dual parallel radiators
Drive : Chain
Electronics : PE3 ECU, National Instruments sbRIO & Embedded Control and Acquisition
Engine : Aprilia RXV5.5
Fr/rr Track : 45.5 / 45.5 (in)
Frame : 4130 steel tubular space frame
Fuel System : Sequential fuel injection
Fuel Type : 93 Octane
Material :
Mpd : 10000
Mpt : 8000
Olwh : 112 / 54 / 48 (in)
Suspension : SLA
Tire : 18×6.0-10 LC0
Unique : Active aerodynamic system
Weight : 338 lb
Wheelbase : 62.5 (in)